About Jade

October 12, 2015

Hello my name is Jade, I am a Yoga student & teacher. I love to share & teach everything that is Yoga & that doesn’t mean just the stretching, strengthening, healing & preventing illness & Injuries- to me yoga is being kind, being your authentic self, wishing & seeking happiness for ourselves & others, finding peace in this chaotic world, whether on or off your mat. Living & loving life Mindfully. Learning to let go of what no longer serves us & learning to love yourself as you are, integrating appreciation & self esteem. It’s a journey of believing in yourself that I am fully immersed in, constantly proving that I  can do things that I thought I would never ever do! It’s learning to face our fears & to make small steps in overcoming them, to live the life you deserve, to live the life of your dreams.

I love enjoying delicious wholesome nourishing food with friends & family , occasionally with a glass of wine or two!  Yes, this Yogi teacher is human & she does enjoy a few naughty treats too! Sometimes in the form of chocolate or coffee  instead of wine.

I love to be outside in nature, I love the sea & the mountains & the forests. I love to explore & travel. I have a massive love for Snowboarding & Scuba diving and I also enjoy walking & bike riding. I love learning & reading & I also love a good dance & generally having FUN, this Yogi likes to ROCK  it out too!

I teach with enthusiasm, warmth & compassion, offering a safe environment & a yoga style to meet Every kind of Body’s Needs. I teach with a watchful eye & give gentle adjustments to help students deepen their practise & to give them the confidence to see through their physical & mental limitations . You’ll often hear me before you see me as I have quite a distinctive chuckley laugh which I think makes my classes a little more relaxed & fun.

I teach Mindful Flow Yoga a Warm Vinyasa class called “Vinyasa Glow” Yin Yoga & Hot Yoga.

I look forward to meeting you on your Yoga journey soon,




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