Yoga Student Testimonials:

October 13, 2013

Yoga student Testimonials:

A Few kind words from some of my very lovely Yoga students:

“I have been attending  Jade’s  Yoga classes for over a year now, and really enjoy her classes. Jade attained a balanced class for all levels of Yogis and yoga poses to target the whole body.I feel stronger & more mentally balanced for attending Jade’s yoga classes. Yoga is my way of relaxing and building strength. Thank you Jade! Keep it going! Namaste Suzie.”


” I am 70 years of age with Arthritis in my lower spine and osteoporosis.I have attended Jade’s Yoga classes for the past 2 years and my flexibility and core strength have improved massively, along with posture and breathing in my opinion.Jade is the perfect Yoga teacher , friendly, sympathetic and inspiring , Thanks Faye.”


” I used to be sport Billy.You name it, I’ve done it! I used to go to the gym 6 times a week, the. Had 2 children and everything stopped for years. Then I tried Jade’s yoga class, I’d done a bit if yoga before and enjoyed it, so thought I’d give it another try.Wow! It’s changed me! I love it! I feel so much stronger than ever before( no need to do weights) I’ve much better posture and am much more flexible.Plus I don’t wake up with an achey back anymore. ( totally gone) All this from once a week. The class is lovely too- a real mix of ages and abilities.No competitive stuff to put up with and a laugh. It’s great for your confidence and stress levels! What more do you need? Fantastic!” Ruth


” Jade’s yoga class is highly recommended. Jade takes you through a well structured variety of postures with a focus on advice and adjustments to help you get the best out of the class and in a relaxed, positive atmosphere!” Anthony


“It is with much thanks to Jade that I have become very passionate about  my Yoga practise. I joined in Sept 2012 with very little yoga knowledge, rather sceptical and thought I probably wouldn’t like it! How wrong was I!!!! Jade’s classes are extremely well structured , postures are nicely demonstrated and described very clearly, making it very easy for everyone to follow. There are sometimes humorous moments when we get it wrong but these only add to the fantastic ambience within the class and Jade politely corrects us! Whatever your level , be it beginner or advanced, there will be a posture there waiting for you and with some gentle encouragement Jade is just the person to help you achieve it. My yoga journey has only just started but already I’ve seen positive changes in both my body and mind, the road ahead looks wonderful. Surrey Hills Yoga has bought something very special into my life and yoga is now an important part of it. Jade’s fun, bubbly personality shines our straight away, giving a very warm welcoming atmosphere for new students. Thanks Jade” Julie